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Updated edition of "The Whippet Wizards" available.

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Anton Corvus' classic and crazy story about three inept Whippet Wizards has been updated with the Lamplight Press imprint and will be available on Amazon in the next few days.

Originally published by Zephyros ePublishing in 2019, the book tells the story of how three whippet brothers take up magic and obtain a new grimoire of cookery spells so that they can conjure their favourite foods without any need to cook. Unfortunately, their first spell does not go as planned and before very long, their entire locale has been plunged into dietary chaos. As they deliberate about what could have gone wrong, they get a knock on the door from... well, enough said - we don't to give away too many spoilers!

All round, this is great kids' book to either read to them for bedtime, or for those 6 and older, to read themselves. Well-known Polish artist, Jakub Grochola, has done an excellent job with the illustrations which adds to the magicality of the narrative and really brings the story to life.

Available on Amazon in eBook and Paperback. To see more please click the link below (you may need to turn off your Ad Blocker to see the link):

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