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Christmas 2021: Authors and critics on their best books of the year. The Novella gets a mention!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

In a recent article in the i newspaper, Elizabeth Day, Lisa Taddeo, David Nicholls and others reveal their top reads.

Of general publishing interest is David Nicholls' comment that instead of choosing a single novel as his book of the year, he "has chosen a handful of fine novellas" - we wonder if that could become a theme as the lockdowns and home working come to an end, and readers have less time on their hands to read beefy (100,000 words plus) novels?

He then goes on to list Claire Keegan’s Small Things Like These, Natasha Brown’s Assembly, Caleb Azumah Nelson’s Open Water, Gwendoline Riley’s My Phantoms and Musa Okwonga’s In the End, It Was All About Love, and ends with the comment that "all can be read in a single sitting". Here at Lamplight Press we've been thinking that 2022 could well be the year of the novella - let's wait and see!

The other authors recommend a broad range of books from a equally broad range of authors. The full article is well worth a look:

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