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Current Special Offers
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Special Offer Includes:

1) Review & Analysis of your Manuscript (MS)

2) Level 1 Proofread (See Terms & Conditions for definitions)

3) Text Formatting & Typesetting for printing

4) Basic bichrome Bookcover for Paperback

5) Printed by Amazon with a listing on and

6) Candlelight Press Imprint & Basic Marketing (if your MS satisfies quality test)

7) ISBN & Back Cover barcode

8) 10 copies of your paperback book delivered to your door

9) Unlimited further copies for sale on a Print on Demand basis

The full Terms & Conditions below apply to this offer.

1) The Review & Analysis of your Manuscript (MS) will be largely software-based although an experienced editor will oversee this. The purpose of this exercise is principally to establish that your MS can be typeset for physical printing and does not contain characters, formatting, spacing or other issues which will prevent it from being printed. If this exercise fails, we will not be able to publish your book for the price stated but we will advise you what you need to do in order to alter your MS so that it can be published. You will not be charged for this advice. 

2) A Level 1 proofread is our most basic form thereof. Level 1 is almost entirely software-based and will only highlight obvious spelling errors, egregious grammatical errors and serious formatting issues. It will not highlight:

(i) most grammatical errors (e.g. "me" instead of "I", "who" instead of "whom", incorrect tenses, et cetera -- all these can be checked for if you wish to pay for a more advanced proofread);

(ii) structural issues with your MS (e.g. you have written on page 6,  "please refer to page 148 for more details," but your book only has 90 pages);

(iii) plot mistakes (e.g. in chapter one you say that the main character is single, but in chapter 12 you refer to his/her spouse in some detail);

(iv) Fact-checking (e.g. you say that Louis XIV was beheaded during the French Revolution).


Once the Level 1 proofread has been done, we will advise you if we think a more thorough proofread would be in order, whether you have one or not is entirely up to you.

3) Once we have an MS that is ready, we will send this for formatting and typesetting for printing. For this offer, the trim size of the printed book will be 6" (15.24cm) in width and 9" (22.86cm) in height, so your MS will be converted accordingly and set in either Calibri pt. 10.5 or Garamond pt.10. All the headers, footers, margins and gutters will be set at this point also.


4) This offer includes a bichrome book cover but if you already have your own book cover (or want one designed) please ask us and we will tell you what the additional costs are.

5) The price includes listing your book for sale on and/or - you will just need to tell us what price you want to sell it for.

6) If the Level 1 proofread as described above reveals that your MS is of an exceptionally high quality in terms of grammar et cetera, we may refer it to one of our contract editors to read. If our editor advises us that your MS is of normal publishable quality, notwithstanding that you opted for a discount deal, we may offer you the inclusion of our junior imprint "Candlelight Press"  and enrolment in one of our marketing campaigns. There is a small additional charge for this and a split of royalties for all books sold. This is by no means compulsory and entirely up to you. As stated, your MS will need to be of mainstream publishable quality to qualify for this.

7) An ISBN & a Back-Cover barcode are included in the price.

8) We will do a print run of 10 copies of your paperback book and have these delivered to your address in the UK mainland. If you live somewhere outside of the UK mainland, there will be an additional amount to pay for postage but this is charged by us at cost only, so will not be prohibitive.

9) Your book will be printed by Amazon and will therefore be available on a Print on Demand ("PoD") basis once published so you, or anyone else can buy unlimited further copies from Amazon's website. If you want to order a large number of additional copies (i.e. 20 plus), then we can usually obtain a discount for you via our Amazon account.

10) This offer is available only once per author, any additional books you might want to publish with us will be charged at our normal price.


11) This offer is only available for books up to 300 pages when published - if your book is longer than 300 pages you may need to pay extra per page. We will advise you of this at point 1 above as part of our MS review process.

12) We reserve the right to turn down the publication of any book if we believe it may damage our reputation (e.g. if your MS is exceptionally obscene, racist, offensive, et cetera).

13) This offer can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

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