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Lamplight Press is an independent publisher of all book genres. We are fortunate to enjoy sufficient funding to enable us to offer not only self-publishing options (whether that be for commercial or vanity purposes - more about this here) but also to offer many authors a hybrid book deal (more on this here) and some even a traditional package (if the book in question is both good enough and likely to sell in sufficient volumes). For some books that we publish, we also use the junior imprint "Candlelight Press" for manuscripts that are of sufficiently good quality (spelling, grammar, structure et cetera) but which have not gone through the full editing and proofreading process that a traditional or hybrid book would normally have to. This enables us to offer new, unknown authors with limited budgets a possible way in, without the costs normally incurred by full copy editing and proofreading.

Lamplight Press is still a relatively new player in the publishing arena (founded 2021) and is therefore extremely keen to expand its author base across all service types (traditional, hybrid, commercial self-publishing and vanity) and, thanks to our investors, we are able to offer publishing deals which are extremely competitive in order to get more authors on board.

So, whatever publishing package you are after, do please give us the opportunity to quote you - our turnaround times are also extremely good, with initial replies to proposals often achieved in under two weeks, and, although the company is new, our key staff members have many years of experience in the world of literature.

Please read our proposal submission guidelines on the relevant page for each deal type, and always feel free to make any general enquiries using the contact form below or to our email address

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Special Offer Includes:

1) Review & Analysis of your Manuscript (MS)

2) Level 1 Proofread (See Terms & Conditions for definitions)

3) Text Formatting & Typesetting for printing

4) Basic bichrome Bookcover for Paperback

5) Printed by Amazon with a listing on and

6) Candlelight Press Imprint & Basic Marketing (if your MS satisfies quality test)

7) ISBN & Back Cover barcode

8) 10 copies of your paperback book delivered to your door

9) Unlimited further copies for sale on a Print on Demand basis

Full Terms & Conditions apply to this offer. Only one special offer per author, full terms can be viewed here.

Our Publishing Packages Explained

There are almost as many variations of publishing deals as there are publishers, but all of them fall loosely into one of four categories which are: Traditional, Hybrid, Commercial Self-Publishing and Vanity Publishing. All of them are thriving, so obviously each has its place; which one will suit you will depend on a range of factors, not least your available budget. The boxes below provide brief introductions to each and link to pages with much more detail.

Traditional Publishing

A traditional publishing contract is the way most books have been published historically. The publishing contract usually means that the author is basically selling their work to the publishing company. The publishing company then creates a book from the author's manuscript and sells it for profit. The author receives royalties which are usually in the range of 6% to 12%. An advance is sometimes paid but this is becoming less common, especially for unknown authors.



As publishing printed books has become less profitable in general, the hybrid model of publishing has gained a great deal of traction. With  a hybrid publishing contract, the publisher and author share the various costs of producing the final book - e.g. editing, proofreading, cover design, printing et cetera - so that the risk of publishing the book is reduced for the publisher. Obviously the author is now also taking a financial risk if the book does not sell, but because of this will also expect a higher royalty.



Unlike the hybrid model of publishing, where the publisher and author share the various costs of producing the final book, with self-publishing the author pays the entire cost and the publisher simply acts as the author's contractor and/or consultant in producing the book according to the author's exact wishes. In this model, all of the risk falls on the author and the publisher simply creates and sells the book, passing on all of the royalties usually for just a modest admin fee.



With the commercial self-publishing model there is a  desire and also even an expectation that the book will sell, at least in enough quantity to recoup the costs of publishing and hopefully more than that - to actually make a profit. With vanity publishing this is usually not the case; the author simply wants a limited number of nice looking books with the author's name on to show to friends and family and be able to say - "Look, I've written a book!" It's usually that simple.

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Featured New Releases

In this section, we feature a few of our latest releases. Please do click over to Amazon, take a look at them and consider buying if the genre is of interest to you. Every book takes a huge amount of effort to get to publication, so please support our authors if you can. To see the Amazon links to these books, please disable any AdBlocker software.

Your Next Step...


Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss publishing your book, even if you haven't quite finished it yet... and even if you haven't even started it! We speak to dozens of people each week and are always willing to provide helpful tips and guidance. You will find us very friendly and approachable and always willing to help new authors in any way that we can. We also have many contacts and friends in the literary business, so we can also point you to mentors, editors, illustrators and other consultants who might be able to help you progress your book.

For general queries email: 


If you want to submit a manuscript (MS) as a proposal, please say what type of publishing deal you are looking for, follow the instructions from the relevant page (e.g. Hybrid), and email your MS to:

Alternatively, call us (numbers in footer) or use the Contact Form below.

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